2018, chapter 13: ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’ by P!nk (nr. 125)

Will and Taylor have a complicated history. They have just gotten back together, and they’re back to fighting.

Will, who has kicked Taylor out countless times, is yelling insults louder and meaner than ever, still hurting from the time that she seemed to have moved on and was dating someone else.

Taylor has realised herself that she has never taken this drastic measures as taking his free will before. Even now she is angry at him for tricking her and is being downright nasty towards him.

Their relationship has become a contest. The one that wins will be the one that hits the hardest. Each insists they don’t need the other. And since both of these people are rather powerful, that competition could get scary, if taken too far.

In the end, though, they apologise, say that they really do need the other, because they’re the perfect punching bag. So each makes sure to tell the other how beautiful they are and beg them not to leave.


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