2018, chapter 10: ‘Cheap Thrills’ by Sia (nr. 122)

When Will started dating Taylor, she seemed magical. That was because, well, she was. She had an aura of perfection that made people see the kind of girl they wanted her to be. It rose like a song inside her and made her able to control them. She learned to control it to some degree – and to use it to control men. When she danced, her control over men becomes stronger. And she liked using that when picking up men.

At its core, though, it is a curse that she has to keep in check. In a relationship, it is difficult to tell if they’re seeing her or their perfect dream girl. In order to test when it became real, she would act crazy and jealous. As soon as he realised, she knew it was real. The stronger her love, the better she was at keeping it in check.

This lead to her boyfriends breaking up with her and getting back together with her over and over again. And so it started with Will. But with Will, it became more real than ever before. After countless breakups, he became clear-headed enough to break up with her for good.

That made Taylor realise that she couldn’t lose him, so she made him feel jealous, making no use of magical control. It worked and they stayed together for years, even had a child.

But then Will broke up with her again and even cut her off from seeing her child. He believed that he did this for the child, but it resulted in Taylor following them around from a distance. Possibly because of her fading love (and thus increasing her control over him), he allowed her to stalk them.

But then, he saw her with another man and jealousy worked its own magic once again. So he confronted Taylor and promised that she could have him and their old life back.

And Taylor realised that just like her genuine love had removed her control over Will, it had put her under his control instead. She suddenly sees his generous gifts as another way to keep her docile. And she was not going to let him win her back like this.

So she stops controlling herself entirely. Like turning on a radio, the song inside her rises to new levels. She dances and takes complete control of his mind, makes him completely devoted to her. He becomes her slave. And she enjoys actively using her curse again.

Her lover, the only man she has actively tried to push away was not impressed with her actions. She can live with losing him though.


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