2018, chapter 9: ‘See You Again’ by Carrie Underwood (nr. 121)

Taylor has done something so horrifying on her revenge mission against her ex that it has made Perry, the man who loves her and has followed along, rethink his choice to do so. And Taylor can see that. So she tells him that he is free to leave, tells him goodbye and turns around.

And he’s gone, fading away into the setting sun. It breaks her heart, but she carries on and doesn’t cry. Because she’s not doing this for him, or her ex for that matter. She is doing this so she can see her child. And she will see it again, whatever she has to do for that to happen.

The child is the stars and light she follows. She carries her child with her in her heart and mind, until she sees it again. And thus she never feels lonely in the shadows.

At night she listens to the echoes in the wind calling her back to the time where they lived near the water and was a happy family. Where she had her child with her. She smiles at the thought.

She will do whatever it takes – even if it means losing another man she has loved.


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