2018, chapter 8: ‘How You Remind Me’ by Nickelback (nr. 120)

Perry knows how Taylor responded to Wills offer. She comes back grinning about her actions, even as she apologises to Perry.

Perry doesn’t see the humour. He wanted this story to be different. A voice starts screaming in his head: “Are we having fun yet?”. He is suddenly reminded of, what he has gotten himself into. What it has made him. What he has sought at the bottom of every bottle to forget.

He didn’t succeed in being the wise man and removing her darkness. And following her around, stealing food to survive, never felt good. Falling in love with Taylor was a mistake. Following his heart was a mistake. He was blinded by love and saw that before. But now he feels it too.

And she knew how much his love for her had made him accept. That’s why she’s apologising now, even though it seems to kill her to do so.


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