2018, chapter 7: ‘Treat You Better’ by Shawn Mendes (nr. 119)

There are two sides to every story. So far Taylor’s has been told. This is Will, her ex’, side.

He had become more distant and didn’t listen much anymore. He can’t run from that. And her overreactions became more severe as a result. So he promised to be easier on her IF she tried to control it. She didn’t and their relationship suffered for it.

But he had good reason to be distant. He was working on a way to control time. A way to talk to his deceased mother again. And thus, he failed to uphold his part of the deal as well.

In the end, the relationship suffered for the distance between them, and he took the difficult decision to leave her.

Problem was, he knew what kind of ex she was. He has seen it himself and heard stories. He couldn’t let their child experience that. So he lied and told her that they would still be friends. Then he made sure she would never get near him or their child again.

Of course, that made it worse. She became consumed with revenge and followed him around, stalking him from the shadows. Always letting him know that she was there and that he’d better look out.

At this point, however, he finds comfort in that. He still loves her and having her close by makes him feel better. He has also seen her crying. That makes him hopeful that she still has sweetness in her.

Recently she’s with another man though. They seem romantically linked. Will doesn’t like it. He decides that this might be the time to talk to Taylor again. And he is far enough with his work that he could focus on her again. He is now able to stop time at least.

So he goes to talk with her. She tells him that she wants to be with Perry. Will doesn’t believe her and offers that she can come back and be with him. He knows he can treat her better than Perry can. He promises to not let her down again. She just needs to take his hand, and she’ll get back the life she has been missing.


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