2018, chapter 5: ‘Don’t Forget To Remember Me’ by Carrie Underwood (nr. 117)

This is a flashback to when Taylor was an innocent 18-old, moving out from her parents’ house. She grew up in a religious home celebrating The Lord by praying and reading the Bible. Taylor loved her parents, but by now she needed to get out and be on her own. Still, the departure was teary for both mother and daughter.

Her mum kept on talking in an attempt to put off their goodbye. She took her hands and said: “Baby, don’t forget; Before you hit the highway, you better stop for gas. There’s a 50 in the ashtray, in case you run short on cash. Here’s a map and here’s a Bible, if you ever lose your way. Just one more thing before you leave; Don’t forget to remember me.”

Taylor moved into a downtown apartment. It was lonely, there were bills on the counter and she missed home.

She called her mother every Sunday. She always told her, she was alright, even when she wasn’t. She ended one call by saying: “Hey momma, don’t forget to tell my baby sister that I’ll see her in the fall. And tell Memaw that I miss her… Yeah, I should give her a call. And make sure you tell Daddy that I’m still his little girl… Yeah, I still feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be. Don’t forget to remember me.”

One night she felt alone by herself. So she did something she hadn’t done in a while; she leaned by the bed and prayed to The Lord: “Lord, I feel so small sometimes in this big ol’ place… Yeah, I know there are more important things, but don’t forget to remember me.”


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