2018, chapter 2: ‘Bitch’ by Meredith Brooks (Nr. 114)

Taylor is following her ex, the father of her child. She is an outcast, living outside society, unseen by most.

The exception being this one kind man. One man who takes pity and decides to help her back on her feet. She isn’t particularly nice to him. But he doesn’t care. He keeps coming back.

One day, he catches her in a weak moment, crying about the loss of her old life, her ex-boyfriend who betrayed her, and the child she no longer sees.

He sees this as a sign that underneath this hateful, angry person there is a sweet and kind woman.

She assures him that there isn’t. She’s a confusing mess of emotions, good and bad. She’s a bitch and a lover, a child and a mother, a sinner and a saint. He’ll have to accept that.

It seems he does because he keeps coming back. She begins to accept him but warns him that hanging out with her means he’ll have to be a stronger man. She changes from day-to-day.

He keeps coming back. She actually starts liking him and starts being nice to him once in a while, sometimes his hell, sometimes his dream.

He still tries to save her, to get her back to society. She tells him he can’t. She does however like having him around, helping her out.

They become occasional lovers. She starts helping him in return. She tells him her whole story.

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