2018, chapter 1: ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ by Gotye feat. Kimbra (nr. 113)

A woman is stalking in the shadows. A woman named Taylor. This is a new Taylor born from things done to the old Taylor. She still sometimes thinks back to what happened.

They had a baby. It had changed things. The relationship had always had issues – which relationship doesn’t? She was sometimes a little crazy and overreacted. But he would let her know when it happened. And he told her that he was so happy with her, he could die.

But along with committing to the baby, she committed to keeping their relationship alive. And she started noticing that he often refused to listen and blamed her for being crazy even when she wasn’t. She became more and more aware of this and confronted him about it. He saw it as her changing and didn’t like it. He missed the docile way she used to be. He ended up promising to get over it, though.

He didn’t. Instead, Taylor felt more and more lonely in his company and was used to the sadness when Will finally left her.

But that wasn’t it. She was fine and agreed that they could still be friends and raise their child together.

No, what put her over the edge was when that he had lied about wanting to be friends. He cut her off completely. Worse still, he had others her throw out and made it impossible for her to contact him.

He made her an outcast – a stranger. And now she wants revenge. He is no longer the Will she knew and loved.


I could have added a lot more links to this but chose not to. This is a beginning just as much as a continuation and thus needs to be able to stand alone and be an origin for further adventures.

Should you want to know more about her background, follow the tags around to figure out what happened before (I recommend Taylor and Will and Taylor).

Confused about what the hell this blog is? Read about the concept in the sidebar, read the key events for the previous stories for a more spoilery and quicker version or read the whole blog from the beginning

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