104: ‘Here’s To Never Growing Up’ by Avril Lavigne

Will is having a baby. He tells Fergie, his friend. She’s happy for him, of course, but realises that this means that he will eventually stop going out partying with her. This throws her into a panic. These nights out have been the first time, she can be herself ever. She NEEDS them to continue!

So she tries to convince him to keep doing this forever by inviting all of their friends for the next night out. She reminds him how much fun they are having. For instance by singing Radiohead at the top of their lungs to a boom box, falling in love with new people, drinking whatever will get them drunk, running down the street yelling “Kiss my ass”, dancing on every bar…

She raises her cup, declaring “here’s to never growing up”, keeps saying, they’re never going to change and tries to get him to say that he’ll stay forever young too (with increasingly more desperation).


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