103: ‘ Black Or White’ by Michael Jackson

Will is taking Taylor out celebrating the fact that Taylor has become pregnant (he calls it a Saturday bang), something Will sees as a miracle.

Will is black and Taylor is white, and someone comments on that in disbelief. The stranger’s disbelief can’t bring Will down today though. Will declares that they are “one and the same” and that he believes in equality. As long as people are creating a better world for his unborn child, it doesn’t matter if they’re black or white.

His statements about race get a journalist interested. So he does an interview for the Saturday Sun where he talks about equality.

Will is tired of racism. Of all the issues, that divide creates. Of being judged for his colour. And he refuses to think about it and isn’t scared of anyone that would hurt him for it. He knows everyone has a tough time getting by, regardless of colour. And he’ll be their brother no matter if they’re black or white.

What does make him angry is people claiming to agree with him, while clearly judging him by his race.


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