78: ‘Ignorance’ by Paramore

Once upon a time, two children, a boy and a girl, was best friends. They stuck together. Wrote their names in blood.

But then the girl changed. Her personal life turned to shit pretty much overnight – and she reacted to that by becoming an outcast, who didn’t care what anyone thought or said about her.

She, Sara, saw this as a good change. Her friend, Will, didn’t see it like that. He saw her change as her becoming a bad person. He started telling her about every bad thing, she did and how sad it made him feel. This tactic usually worked. They could always be honest with each other and cared how their actions affected the other.

But not this time. She snapped and shouted at him that he just couldn’t handle that they were different people.

And so he instead started withdrawing from her, essentially treating her like a stranger. This only made her angrier. But fine. If he wanted to be strangers, it was fine by her.

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