76: ‘Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time’ by Panic! At The Disco

Fergie is used to being hit on when she goes to a bar – but not quite like this.
Will comes up to her, already quite drunk, and decides that his best move it to tell her that he woke up only a few hours earlier in his underwear, seemingly having drunk every bit of liquor in wherever he woke up, not having the faintest idea how he got there, declaring that it was the best feeling ever – and then introduces himself.

If nothing else, it gets her attention and she listens to him as he goes on to tell her, how he actually went out carrying a cane and wearing a party hat – both things he has no idea where are now. He felt like the king of the world and nothing could go wrong. He went out with his fellow students – he’s a pre-med, you see. They went out, had some very well designed drugs a large party and from there – well it’s a bit of a blur.

He tells her, how he usually memories usually came back in flashes – and he’s actually starting to remember one bit from last night. Roaming the city in a shopping cart – wherever they got that from – while smoking cigarettes attempting to set off a fire alarm – which he also don’t know where the hell they got from.

Fergie laughs at this story and comments that “”If you go on you might pass out in a drain pipe.”

He arches an eyebrow at her and answers: “don’t threaten me with a good time.”

And then once again, it all goes black.

He wakes up… somewhere. Once again without any clothes on. But not alone this time. Fergie is with him, smiling. He looks around for clothes, a bed sheet, anything to cover him up – and also any indication that the smile could mean that anything happened between them.

It all feels unreal, his eyes are playing tricks on him – and is he soaking wet?

Fergie has a better idea of the night’s events. She tells him, that they somehow ended up in his neighbour’s pool (good, then he’s not too far away from home this time), they had sped from bar to bar and he had proposed to her… repeatedly (judging by her laughter at this, it’s unlikely anything happened between them at all).

At some point, she had tried telling him to cut back on the alcohol… to which he replied: “I’m not as think as you drunk I am”, which amused her quite a bit.

So yeah, he probably had enough.

But hey, here he is here with a woman… who is laughing her ass off, but still.

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