Chapter 60: ‘Space Bound’ by Eminem

Steven and Natasha are stuck in a loveless marriage. Or rather that is how Natasha sees it. This is how Steven sees it:

He loves her so much. But after the break-up with Pink years ago, he had difficulties showing his feelings. He had trouble trusting and believed love to be evil.

That belief changed when he met Natasha in Vegas. When they touched, he felt a rush, they both did. With a clutch they sealed a promise of what could be. At first it’s just torturous lust.

Lust turned to love. He starts out by warning her, that he could become dangerous, if she broke up with him, because he has been hurt before. She either didn’t take it seriously or forgot – possibly both.

He was so sweet at first. He told her in complete honesty that she took his breath away.

He would do anything for her. He loved her endlessly and feels weak around her. She felt the same, but held back at first in an attempt to not scare him away. But as she became more and more expressive of her love, his difficulties with showing emotion caused him to draw back.

This was when Natasha stopped believing he ever loved her. And by then he was too withdrawn to argue against it.

So she cut herself loose.  They were now married in name only.

He can stand this for one year and six months. He finds the strength to finally pour his heart out to her.

But by then she no longer wants him. And she no longer wants to talk. She tries to leave. In an act of desperation, he grabs her and chokes her. He ends up snapping her neck.

Tears steaming down his cheeks, he puts a gun to his temple and tells her once more how he much he loves her.

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