59: ‘Whole Foods Parking Lot’ by DJ dave

Dre, a famous long time rapper, has a foul language, but no temper.

But when getting back in the rap game, he starts embracing anger a little.

This shows up one time he was going shopping for groceries at Whole Foods at his home area West side of LA.

First when a hybrid wants to steal his parking space going the wrong way. Then when people with clip boards looking at him, like they know him. The shopping cards are too small. Some girl in yoga pants is looking at him funny. The prices are way too high, for instance on Pinot Noir. They are out of Humboldt Fog. A guy on his phone is standing in the way of the Quinoa. The express lane is moving hella slow

This layers on as annoyance for a long time, but he doesn’t say anything. Out loud anyway.

Link to video and lyrics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UFc1pr2yUU

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