54: ‘I Need A Doctor’ by Dr. Dre ft. Eminem and Skylar Grey

This song is explicit and a clean version 1) is not on Dr. Dre’s VEVO 2) would have a lot of bleeps. Therefore my text is also explicit. Most won’t find it too bad, but it might be unfit for a child or people who would rather avoid that kind of language.

Here’s the video, so you can see what I mean. My text is cleaner than that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VA770wpLX-Q


Pink is sick and needs help, so she calls out for help by two men walking by.

These men are Dre and Slim. They are musicians. Dre is Slim’s mentor. They are fighting about Dre’s self-doubt in regard to his music and don’t hear Pink.

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Pink is about to lose her mind. Medication made her melancholic. She has lost her belief in love – and she misses Brad, her ”ex”husband (she left him by faking her own death). And she still needs more than medication. She needs the love, she had with him to stay alive.

She is running out of time. And one day, while she is outside and her illness is getting to her, her way crosses Slim and Dre’s.

Slim and Dre are musicians with a foul language and a hard tone in their conversations. They also have easier expressing themselves in their music and thus often write music and recite it to each other.

Dre was Slim’s mentor. But now Dre is doubtful in his own work and hasn’t put anything out in a while.

Slim is telling Dre about how he just needs one ray of hope that Dre will be back in the game because Dre is the only one who sees Slim’s vision with his music. He came to Slim when Slim was at his lowest.

I dawns on Slim that now Dre is at a low point. He has lost his son. He now needs Slim to be a light in his darkness.

He tells him how much he means to him. They were like a crew back in the day, Slim was his sidekick. And he doesn’t really know, how Dre will respond to this rant, but he is out of options for helping him in other ways.

Pink sees them and calls out for help. She is weak.

They don’t hear her. Slim continues to tell Dre, that it hurts to see his struggle with creating new music. Dre comes to Slim with ideas, brilliant, crazy ideas that Dre second guesses everything. Slim criticises Dre for his self-doubt, saying he has either gotten lazy or doesn’t believe in himself. He comes to Slim, like Slim is the leader, when Dre is supposed to fuckin’ be Slim’s mentor. He demands that Dre remembers who he is.

He was the one who believed him, no one at the fuckin’ label wanted to have anything to do with the young, white musician. But Dre risked his career by signing Slim up anyway.

Dre saved his life and now it’s his time to save Dre’s. He can never repay him in full, but he will not give up faith, just like Dre never will in Slim.

He tells him to get up, pull himself together and get back in the game, for fuck sake!

Pink tries again. They still don’t hear her.

Dre pulls himself together. He answers Slim, recalling him in his yellow jumpsuit cracking jokes, a lifetime ago. And when he actually got in the booth and performed his music, it was mic smoke.

He insults past ‘fair weather’ friends, who left him as soon as he started to have problems. He had done a lot for them. But now they can kiss his ass, as well as Slim’s.

He will have his revenge for the maggots, faggots, backwards producers and the fuckin’ backstabbers, who laughed when they were down on their luck.

And he will put out a CD, and then retire. He finds satisfaction in knowing people will miss him.

Pink calls out again, this time managing to interrupt Dre mid-sentence…

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VA770wpLX-Q

Link to lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/drdre/ineedadoctor.html

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