52: ‘Blow me (one last kiss)’ by P!nk

Children don’t see the full truth about their parents’ lives. Gaga and Rachel, Natasha’s daughters, didn’t see the tears, that were a big part of Natasha’s dreaming away. They only saw her mother’s mental absence.

Gaga and Rachel, Natasha’s daughters, don’t see the tears, that are a big part of Natasha’s dreaming away. They only see her mother’s mental absence.

But the tears are there, burning up her eyes. They are there along with milky-white knuckles  and sweaty palms from desperately hanging on to the life she and her husband, Steven, who is also the father of her two daughters,  has had, however little love there has been in it.

And there is still something to cling onto. Or at least so it seems. Steven still reaches out for her at night. But Natasha has begun rejecting his advances by excusing it with headaches. So he clenches his jaw and sleeps with his back to her. And after holding on for a long time, she realises that there is nothing to hold onto  – so she lets go.

Finally, she has had enough. She has done enough thinking and dreaming of better worlds. This is it for their marriage.

Finally, she longer has to deal with his telling her, she is too serious. Her head is spinning from his many words of criticism.Their days are awful, because of this charade and she has had enough. She wants her ignorance of his lack of feeling back because there was bliss in it.

So she tells him to blow her one last kiss. While they are still married, she starts living her own life, completely giving up on behaving like a married woman.

She won’t miss him and all the fights they always had and never let their daughters see.
She will no longer fight, no longer look for something that isn’t there. Instead, she will dress nice, go dancing alone, laugh, get drunk and take somebody home.

Now she’s going to do as she pleases, anything she wants. She will breathe freely at last and not worry about a thing.

And he’ll be sorry for how he treated her.

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jNlIGDRkvQ

Link to lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/pink/blowmeonelastkiss.html

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