36: ‘I Love You’ by Avril Lavigne

Grey Eyes is deeply insecure. How could hers and Pink’s relationship last, when it ended before?

So Pink tries to explain her, why she loves her.

It’s not any specific thing. Those she just likes. Like her smile, vibe or style. Her beauty. How she has handled this secrecy like a star or the way she misbehaves when drunk, in great contrast to her usual cool and collected personality, another thing, that Pink likes very much, because it fits well with Pink being so passionate and complicated.

No, the reason Pink loves Grey Eyes is just Grey Eyes being Grey Eyes, with everything that means. And even if there were years between them being together Pink will always be there for Grey Eyes. And Pink asks Grey Eyes if she feels the same and needs Pink as much as Pink needs her.

Link to lyric video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0-omvd2u1s

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Confused? Read ”What you need to know” (found in the sidebar) to find out what this blog is about. Follow the tags around to figure out, what happened before. I recommend ‘ Pink and Grey Eyes’.


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